"Abe" Abram

2003 Honoree

Abe Abram moved to Mankato in 1982 and began college in 1984 in the Women’s Studies program. It is through this program she began forming a network of friends in the community that would last a life time. She was involved in the Alternative Lifestyles Office and planned social activities including group camping trips and dances. Later with her partner Carol she co- hosted The Annual Women’s Christmas Party for sixteen years. Abe has offered support for so many people in the community, whether it be emotional, physical, or to help someone new in the community navigate their way. Through her willingness to reach out to others she has created a network of support for many and her energy has been given lovingly. She has volunteered her time with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Women’s Studies Program Committee, and through the school district.

When asked of her passion Abe states sincerely, “People.” Her willingness to experience new adventures with people of all ages is apparent when talking with anyone who has had the pleasure to know Abe.

Abe is devoted to her family and is supported today by some of them including her partner of eighteen years, Carol. She has three sons and a daughter and their partners, eleven grandchildren, five brothers and sisters, and to many of us she has been a part of our family also. Thank you Abe for your support and commitment to those of us in the Mankato area. We applaud you today and every day.