"Abe" Abram

2013 Honoree 1941-2013

“Abe” Abram moved to Mankato in 1982 and began college in 1984 in the Women’s Studies Program at Mankato State University. Through this program she began forming a network of friends in the community that would last a lifetime. The Mankato LGBT community was vibrant and strong in the 1980s, and “Abe” was involved in all sorts of social change activism. This is her legacy. Investing in your community, whatever that is, and letting your good heart carry you. That is why she is the 2013 South Central Minnesota Pride honoree.

“Abe” lived long enough to see Governor Mark Dayton sign into law the right for gay and lesbian people to marry. It was community builders, like “Abe,” who had been hard at work for years building the foundation for this legislation.

Carol Hesse (her partner of 30 years) along with “Abe,” were tireless in their pursuit of gathering people together, including co-hosting the annual women’s Christmas party for 16 years in their home. “Abe” offered support for so many people in the community, whether it was emotional, physical, or helping someone new in the community navigate their way. She was a tireless volunteer in many programs throughout Mankato. She was a fearless trailblazer, creating a kind of community that had never existed before—a community where everyone was welcome.

“Abe” was always central in getting things going, organizing them, and inspiring others to participate and follow through. But, “Abe” had another motivating force—FUN! She never missed a Pride Festival in Mankato and was also the 2003 honoree.

“Abe” was devoted to her family and was supported by her partner, Carol. We know “Abe” would want us to honor Carol, who took such loving care of our friend, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and sister. “Abe” has three sons—Mark, David (deceased) and Bill, one daughter, Jeni, and their partners. She has eleven grandchildren, a great-grandson, five siblings, and to many of us she has been a part of our family also.

Thank you “Abe” for your commitment to those of us in the Mankato area. We applaud you today and every day.


There is a hole in our community today.

Our dear friend “Abe,” has passed away.

Her voice will be sorely missed in the local church choir.

Her absence will be felt around the Last Hurrah campfire.

She brought people together in her welcoming way.

She was the glue that held us together, you might say.

Dorothy Quam (5/13)