Dr. Gary Goldberg

2018 Honoree


South Central Minnesota Pride is honored that Dr. Gary Goldberg has accepted the dedication for the 2018 Mankato PrideFest for his work in providing hormone replacement therapy to transgender people. Dr. Goldberg moved to Mankato in 2001 with his husband Brad. Gary and Brad have made Mankato their home and are raising their son, Sebastian, here. 

Dr. Goldberg specializes in urology at the Mankato Clinic. As a urologist, he had been providing testosterone to cis-gender men his whole career. When he was asked to provide hormones to his first transgender patient in 2012, it was something he did not even question. He now has around 50 people on his caseload receiving hormone replacement therapy.  

Dr. Goldberg sees new patients frequently and is always eager to help people along their journey of transitioning. He sees people whether they are just starting out on hormones or if they have been on hormones for years but want to transfer care to him.  

As a gay man, Dr. Goldberg knows that the coming out process can be difficult, particularly for transgender people. He remembers a time when someone came out as transgender in his school growing up and how poorly they were treated. This is one reason he pays attention to how his patients are doing mentally and socially and will help people with the coming out process. 

Dr. Goldberg states that he sees people become liberated, particularly his youth population, when the hormones start to produce body changes. He finds great joy in being able to help transgender people and he continues to work tirelessly in educating others that we are all people first with feelings, needs, and a desire to be loved.  

Please join SCMN Pride in thanking Dr. Gary Goldberg for his support of the LGBT and allied communities of South Central Minnesota!