Lin Hamer

2004 Honoree

South Central Minnesota Pridefest 2004 was dedicated to the memory of Linette Hamer, formerly of Lake Benton, MN.

Lin was a member of the Mankato LGBT community for over 20 years. She graduated from Mankato State University and was an accomplished businesswoman, a partner in Adult Child and Family Services, and a coordinator of a group home for CCI. Lin cared for and worked with underprivileged people throughout her professional career. She was an advocate for people who faced social, physical, economic, emotional and LGBT issues.


Lin was a generous and often anonymous donor to many charities, and sponsored Women’s Studies scholarships. She was a member of the MSU Women’s Studies program committee and a strong supporter of women’s sports, as well as an avid sportswoman. She was always supportive of people entering into the LGBT community. Under the tough, “butchy” exterior was a soft, “marshmallow” gentle heart and soul. She continues to live on and support others as an organ donor.