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Stage Performers

We're super excited to announce our Performers for

South Central Minnesota Pride 20th annual PrideFest!


Gosh Alice Jones

Gosh Alice Jones has been involved with Pride's all over the state and is excited to be back home in Mankato! She lives in St. Paul with her dog Momma Mia and they have survived these past years by leaning on each other. She believes love can change the world! Once we learn to love and accept ourselves, we need to share that love with family, friends, and our community to make this world a better place for everyone! Happy SCMN Pride 2021!

Venmo @goshalicejones


Miss Ava Cado

Your favorite locally sourced opera-singing fruit, Miss Ava Cado, has been zesting up the Minnesota drag scene for 3 years. A recent vocal music education graduate from MNSU, She loves delivering you live vocals, obnoxious colors, sculpted self-styled wigs, and pure kooky cat lady energy

Venmo @itsmissavacado.


Luscious Rose

Luscious Rose is ready to bless the South Central Pride stage once again! Luscious Rose has been performing since 2016 and has performed in multiple venues throughout the Twin Cities. She’s also a member of the drag duo, The Rose Sisters. Let the “Ballad Queen” of the Twin Cities take you through the emotion and soundness of her performance.

Venmo  @LusciousRose


Gemini Valentine

Gemini Valentine is the Twin Cities Headliner for any and all things Spooky, Cutesy, Punk, and Emo/Emo Pop! Known as the Ghoulish Glam Doll, Gemini prides themself on their makeup artistry and overall drag aesthetic! Gemini has been doing drag for almost 3 years now and doesn’t have any plans on ever stopping! If you love this doll, you can give her a follow on any social media by simply looking up, Gemini Valentine @_gemini_valentine_! 


Venmo @GhoulishGlamDoll


Megan The ManEater Carter 

Megan the man-eater Carter is a cast member at sisters sluge where we performed by weekly.

Venmo @meganthemaneatercarter


Wanda Gag

Wanda Gag is fun, quirky, and always looking for new drag projects. Even though she just started doing drag this year, she’s been by Miss Ava Cado’s side for the last two years, learning with her all that it takes to become a beautiful woman. Serving Sexy Stupid Bimbo, Wanda is probably the tallest woman you have ever seen. Presenting comedy and beauty at the same time, you’ll get a kick out of her making goofy faces and shaking what her momma (the cushion section at Joannes) gave her.

Venmo @wyatt-gag


Chanel East Coast

Chanel East Coast is all about love! A local to the Mankato area for the last 10 years, originally from Springfield, MN. She cannot wait to sing and dance with all of you! She's got thighs and loves fries!

Venmo @Austin-Hagert

Drag Photo Pride 2021.jpg

Princess Blue Rose

Princess Blue Rose is a female impersonator who has been performing in the art of drag for over five years. She is excited to entertain, serve a look, and celebrate Pride with everyone at this event. Princess Blue Rose will give you a little class and a lot of sass during her performances. So please, enjoy and have a lot of fun as this marvelous cast gives you a reason to hoot and holler. 

Venmo @princessbluerose_


Luna Muse

Clutch your pearls and rub your crystals Luna Muse is coming back to town!  After graduating MSU, Mankato in 2019, Luna moved to the Twin cities where she spreads her witchy-poo magic working with Flip Phone Events and various other pop-up gigs in the midwest. Most recently she performed on the historic First Avenue stage for their grand re-opening since the industry shutdown.

SCMN Pride holds a special place in her heart as it cultivated her from the beginning of her drag career as a vampy & campy chameleon

Venmo @CamPederson-LunaMuse



Known for his penchant for penguin tail tuxes, outlandish humor, and penetrating smolder, Xavier has been performing drag throughout the Twin Cities and nationally for the past 20 years. He is the hunky half of the duo Nadi X and the producer of Dragged Out, one of the longest running drag king shows in the Midwest. Whether tickling your funny bone or tackling political themes, Xavier lives up to his tagline of being your Commander-in-Heat! 

Venmo @dirtyboixavier

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