Wow! Zone

2017 Honoree

WOW! Zone logo.jpg

South Central Minnesota Pride is excited to dedicate PrideFest 2017 to locally owned business, Wow! Zone. Pam DeMarce, the owner of Wow! Zone, states that having a family entertainment center that is a safe gathering spot for LGBT people is important to her. She wants all people to be comfortable with who they are and be able to enjoy the various entertainment found at Wow! Zone.


Pam’s desire to have an inclusive business stems from her upbringing where she was taught the values of the United Church of Christ, which is a welcoming congregation for LGBT people. She grew to admire this open and inclusive environment and knew she would want to take these values with her throughout her life. A long-time Mankato resident that has known Pam for 25 years shares that she sees Pam “as a leader in our community and without a doubt, she is and has been, a fierce advocate for fairness and equality in Mankato.” 

Wow! Zone has been a supportive business to Pride activities in Mankato for several years. They have held many events such as Bingo, Queeraoke, and also assists the Pride planning committee by providing a space for meetings. Pam says she loves hosting the Pride events and looks forward to providing food and beverage to the PrideFest each year. 

Wow! Zone is dedicated to continuing their support for LGBT people and Pam says she is proud of the work that has been done in the community to offer safe spaces for LGBT people to gather. Wow! Zone will continue to promote this by opening their space for Pride events in the future and, as always, LGBT people are welcome in her business anytime.