The mission of South Central Minnesota Pride is to promote visibility and pride in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied communities of south central Minnesota.

About Us

We are Here for you!

You are not alone and we’re here to prove it! Sometimes it can get lonely in rural Minnesota for people who identify as LGBTQ. South Central Minnesota Pride is here to remind all of us that LGBTQ people are flourishing and happy all over this great state. Whether you’re looking for support in coming out, searching for an LGBTQ-friendly community, or looking for a fun event where you can meet new friends, SCMN Pride is working to help bring together a visible and vibrant LGBTQ and Allied community in south central Minnesota. Whatever your life circumstances, SCMN Pride is here to support you.


Jeni Kolstad

Executive Director

Joined SCMN Pride in 2009

Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a background in working with people living with HIV/AIDS, medical care, and mental health care.


Beth Burrows

Board Member

Joined SCMN Pride in 2011

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Charlie Johnston

Board Member

Joined SCMN Pride in 2012


Daniel Sosa

Board Member

Joined SCMN Pride in 2019


Jill Norman

Board Member

Joined SCMN Pride in 2018